Fascias and Soffits

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The only time anyone thinks about their fascias and soffits is when they look like they need painting. What it isn’t possible to see is the condition of the wood underneath. Fascias and soffits ensure that wastewater from your roof is carried away from your property (through guttering and downpipes) and into the drainage system. Often, overflowing gutters or peeling paintwork are the first signs that something beneath isn’t as it should be. Over time, fascias and soffits can rot with alarming damage. The rot can travel up the rafters of the roof, damaging the structural stability of the roof with devastating consequences. Overflowing gutters can also be a sign of a poorly installed system from when the house was built (poor alignment can cause water overflow and subsequent rot).

When Future Express replaces fascias, soffits, gutters and downpipes we do it properly. We start by carefully removing all existing timber (some companies clad over the existing timber, sealing in any damp which could accelerate rotting). We remove the first row of roof tiles and store them carefully for re-use. We cut away the old, exposed roofing felt and check the rafters for any rot; if any is found, we cut it out and replace with new timber.

We fit new soffit boards to the rafter feet using plastic capped stainless steel screws, ensuring the backs are pinched down with timber legs. 18mm thick solid Fascia board is pinned to the timbers ensuring they are firmly attached to prevent buckling. A 10mm eaves vent strip is attached to the top of the fascia board – this is invisible from the ground and ensures airflow into the roof space, preventing condensation. Gutter support clips are fitted at 800mm intervals meaning the gutters can support the weight of rainfall and snow without movement ensuring the system works correctly. Leaf guards can be fitted to prevent blockages

Not all fascias and soffits are replaced in the same way. At Future Express we are so confident in the quality of our installations we guarantee all of our work for 10 years. Improving your home is only an investment if it is done correctly. Please take a look at our customer feedback on Review Centre.